Coming Off Psychiatric Medication

Autogenic Meditation

They're looking at me?! I'm depressed. They shouldn't have done that to me! I've got a thousand things to do! When will this suffering stop???

These are just a few of the repetitive thoughts which constantly bombard my mind. The human mind is a powerful force, and once the engine is started and it's reached top speed, it can often be hard to bring it down a gear or two. With a racing mind, thoughts and feelings gain such momentum they start propelling themselves, feeding off their own energy. You eventually become so overwhelmed that at some level a breakdown occurs, be it physically or mentally.

One way I've found useful in slowing down the constant barrage of thoughts and sooth an over active mind is Autogenic meditation.

The aim of Autogenic meditation, for me at least, is to get out of my mind and get in touch with my body. I believe this has two major benefits:

Before you go to the website where you can learn about the autogenic technique, I have few gentle words of advice which I would have found useful if I was starting....

Overall autogenics is a great relaxation technique if nothing else. I've found the benefits have spread into my daily life even when I'm not practising by calming my thoughts, slowing my breathing and relaxing my whole body, so please give it a try......

NB. I found it useful to re-read the introduction on the website from time to time when I first started to get a better understanding of it. Enjoy!